Why Are Apple Products so Popular?

Published: 2021-09-28 19:25:03
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In today's world, Apple's products are highly sought after because they are very popular for everyone. According to Yarow,editor of The Business Insider,said that the newest iPhone sold 5 million over the opening weekend (Yarow, 2012). However, it is difficult to find the reason why Apple’s products are so superior compared with other electronic products in the market.
Since Apple’s products come out in our life, it has facilitated our life and brought us huge benefits. For instance, people do not need to bring their heavy laptops to go to work every day, because they already have the portable tablet PC - iPad. The ascent of Apple’s products are presented in front of everyone, it is due to Apple’s product having a creative design, unique innovation and the reasonable price. To begin with, if people want to know why Apple’s products are so popular in the recent years, one of the answers is the design of the product is very important.
By comparison with other electronic products, the apple’s product is always the most aesthetic appearance of electronic products on the market. For example, the newest MacBook Air design reached unbelievably thin and light, but it still retains the Apple computer powerful, durable, capable and enjoyable to use features. On the contrary, the traditional design laptop focus on the hardware upgrade rather than the appearance of product, so the monotonous design of the traditional electronic product makes the consumer feel visual fatigue and not portable.

When MacBook Air appeared on the scene, people felt that Apple’s products are so distinctive and unique; because never has a computer company can make their laptop’s thickness less than an inch thin, and has simple designs at the same time. This led Apple’s products directly to be bestselling on the whole electronic market. The same was true of the latest iMac, its desktop display has slim design which greatly save the area of the computer desk. For example, Pete Pachal is technology journalist who has been covering consumer technology in print and online more than ten years.
He said that the newest iPhone and iPad paired with brilliant 4-inch and 9. 7-inch retina display which configuration can make the person see more detail. Even with the naked eye, the user can clearly see the type is sharper and photos are showy. Consequently the new Apple’s product makes its competitors look bad, and there is no company that has a product on the market now can compare with it (Pachal, 2012). Beside this, innovation is one of the main reasons for Apple’s products success.
Before Apple unleashed the iPhone, there are many experts who worked in the technology industry knew that the touch screen would be the trend of future development. An editor named Charles Babcock from at InformationWeek thinks while the touch technology was not invented by Apple Company, Apple Company carried forward this technology and it eventually prospered. According to Babcock (2013), there are just a few people who believed that companies can launch this product which meet demands of customers in 2007.
But Apple Company has done it proved is does not work like that. The release of the iPhone has proved it. Moreover, Apple Company is also introducing this technology to iPad. Nowadays, if there is any mobile phone without touch screen, it is out of date. The consumer just wants a mobile phone which has touch screen function. It is because Apple’s products are the first to provide a suitable touch screen that it will naturally gain traction with consumers.
In addition, another reason for Apple’s products are popular on the market is that Apple Company makes the reasonable price. The reasonable price can make average consumers and corporate customers willing to buy it, because people consider the reasonable price to be more attractive than other products on the market. A Taiwan daily newspaper named DigiTimes, which news mainly includes semiconductor, electronics, computer and communication industries believed iPad pricing will disturb the PC market price.
DigiTimes (2010) demonstrates that the first generation of iPad price was $499, at that time some tablet PC manufacturers predicted iPad’s price is about $1000 and these tablet PC manufacturers originally planned their tablet prices 20%-30% lower than the iPad. The present the iPad price is only $499, which compels the tablet PC manufacturer to re-evaluate the price strategy. If tablet PC manufacturers want their product appealing to consumers, they could only adjust the price lower than the iPad. But the final result shows that it is failed, and now iPad is the fourth generation, but it still people’s first hoice for PC tablets. If the iPhone and iPad’s price were more expensive, maybe they would not be so popular; I believe Apple Company is also aware of this In short, my conclusion is that the cause of Apple’s products being popular depends on its creative design, unique innovation and the reasonable price. If there were no Apple’s products, I believed the development of electronic products would slow down at least ten years. Because the market has Apple’s products, our life is more convenient than before. The emergence of Apple’s products makes electronic product market have more competition.
No matter what, the direct beneficiaries of the price war is the consumer. The constantly price war will make commodity prices approached the cost. Consumers can buy more high-quality products at lower price. In order to attract more potential customers, companies will enhance their brand reputation, service quality and technology to meet the consumers' requirements. Meanwhile, it can promote the whole industry to improve and progress. So as I say, this may be the reason why apple products are so popular in the world. References Babcock, C. (2012). Apple beats competition with design - and design patents. InformationWeek.
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