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Published: 2021-09-30 17:05:05
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Traditional Chinese culture on the influence of the enterprise culture construction in China Name: Wang Shuyun (Sophie) Any business, its survival and development with its own cultural conditions and cultural environment are inseparable. Enterprise culture is the basis of survival, the standard of behavior, a guarantee of success. My article focuses on the traditional culture, Confucianism, Taoism two ideas on the positive role of enterprise culture, but also a brief analysis of the traditional culture of negative impact of enterprise culture.
China’s enterprises in creating organization culture should absorb the essence of traditional culture, discard the dross, the traditional culture in building of enterprise culture to play its due role. Enterprise culture refers to the business philosophy, value systems, historical traditions and work style, performance for the whole spirit of enterprise members, common value standards, precipitation of habit, certain moral norms and culture quality.
It not only can play the guidance and constraint role to the thought and behavior of staffs, motivate their creativity, enhance the cohesive affinity of enterprise, but also can be more clearly to distinguish this enterprise and the competition, so that it is convenient for consumers to identify enterprise, and then produce identity Enterprise culture is the foundation of the enterprise existing, criterion of performance, and the guarantee of success. The formation of enterprise culture theory began in the 1980 s in the United States.

At that time, the whole international economic situation has undergone great changes, Japan in just 20 years, it became the world’s second developed capitalist countries from a defeated country, and became the major competitors of American enterprises, which makes people rethink the phenomenon deeply. After a deep analysis, in the process of enterprise competitions, is the enterprise culture makes Japanese rapid rise, is the enterprise culture plays a major role on Japan's economic development. So the western business US-Led opens a wave create enterprise culture boom.
When we explore the Japanese enterprise culture, and found that the Japanese enterprise culture was influenced by Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, when Chinese enterprise is creating the enterprise culture and improving competitiveness, in addition to learning and introducing advanced enterprise culture of eastern and western outside, still necessary to learn from Chinese traditional culture in the ideological treasure. Chinese traditional culture on the influence of positive aspect, about the positive influence of Confucianism and Taoism
I The positive influence of Confucianism The representative figure of Confucianism is Confucius, Confucius' thought often is used by the enterprise. There is a 'the father of the modern industry "who is called Shibusawa Eiichi, he established the enterprise for the whole life, operated hundreds of business enterprise for example, Prince paper, Oriental textile, and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industry, the enterprise has been founded more than one hundred years, they are still prevalent.
How does he do the enterprise so well, Shibusawa Eiichi explained by himself, is" the analects of Confucius and abacus ", it is Confucian moral and interests are the interoperability of pursuit in the production and business operation, also the moral and economy are the one, or call justice, we consider the ethical moral when we aspire interest factors, we aspire interest factors when we consider the ethical moral. Confucian explanation and couterfacture explanation,made Confucian ideas gain the new strength.
The analects of Confucius and the thought of Confucianism are very available for the enterprise culture construction in China, this article mainly from the "benevolence", "faith", "justice" and "harmony" several aspects to discuss Confucianism on the influence of the enterprise culture construction in China. The thought of "Benevolence" "Benevolence", kindheartedness, "benevolence" is the core of Confucius' thought, is the essence of the Confucian. the word of enevolence appeared 109 times in The Analects of Confucius ,had a variety of explanation, one of the most common and the most important explanation is " love the people," Confucius answered for several times when Xushen who is his student asked him, did explain:" benevolence is intimate ". In the business management of enterprise in China need to respect their staffs, understand them, trust and tolerant them, and care about them, thus it is effective that enterprises foster employees Loyalty and trust of employee, if the enterprise must consider employees, it can arouse the enthusiasm of employees fully
The thought of "Trustworthiness " "Trustworthiness " is words and deeds are the one, mentioned trustworthiness for many times in The Analects of Confucius; Analects · government-funded said: "people who have no faith do not have to recommend him, "The Analects of Confucius·YanYuan" said "people who have no faith do not have any space to stand ". Faith is a neutral concept, does not contain the class, any person must stress trustworthiness when dealing with people and handling affairs, people who have no faith do not have to recommend him, people who have no faith do not have any space to stand.
The enterprise must stress the trustworthiness to make the enterprise success. "trust" is the positive thought in the Confucian, also is the important model of exchange moral principle in China. It is worth for us to learn and use for reference in the enterprise culture construction today. Because the good faith, externally, first of all, good faith can greatly reduce transaction costs, improve business efficiency; Secondly, the good faith can set a good reputation for the enterprise to develop a broader market space, thus get more benefit.
Internally, only on the basis of good faith, the internal enterprise can achieve the mutual trust, the harmonious interpersonal relationship of mutual understanding, then minimize the internal friction, give full play to people's biggest potential. An entrepreneur with strategic vision should understand these: the enterprise survival is not a day or two days, but the long career. Some enterprise implementation of the principle of bad faith, they will be kicked out the fierce marketing competition quickly. The thought of "Righteousness" "Righteousness" is about the moral and socialist.
Confucius said, "One has not lived in vain if he dies after he is told of the way", the enterprise must set up the correct moral as their action creeds in the cultural construction, and fight for it. Especially, when the righteousness and interest conflict are contradicting, we must keep a clear head and the right values. Confucius said, "a gentleman is always moral, vile people just focus on the only gain" (" The analects of Confucius, benevolence "), "Riches and position without are to me as the floating clouds", he also put forward the thought that "Consider righteousness when seeing benefits".
Advocate people to do it when seeing the righteousness, sacrifice for justice, pay more attention to the righteousness and be careless benefits, No matter what to do, don't forget the righteousness. Make personal behaviors conform to the righteousness and moral, and don't care about the utility or material interests. In the enterprise culture construction in China, should set up the correct "merit" as an important content, when making staffs consciously aware that stress "justice", should admit that "benefit" of necessary, when meeting the pursuit of "benefit", need to accept the constraint of "righteousness".
So, can achieve "use the righteous to estimate benefits", "With a moral to develop interests", adjust and regulate the action that the enterprises in the economic activity, and make the enterprise obey the law, legitimate the business in a correct way to make money, treating making money as a way, not a destination, Consciously let making money associate with the national prosperity and interests, do charity donations for the education, make benefits reward the society, embody the value orientation of traditional Chinese culture.
The thought of "harmony" Confucian culture emphasizes "harmony", Confucius said "highly summarizes the basic spirit of ritual” harmony is the most precious" is the history of several thousand years of interpersonal relationship, national culture, social relations’ traditional principles. Use the way of seeking more common grounds while reserving differences, to coordinate the part of people's interests and requirements. To achieve the overall coordinating, harmony is the Chinese society long-term stability of the important cultural pillar.
The Chinese nation strong cohesion also is the result of the tradition of "harmony". For the enterprise culture construction is concerned, the relatively popular approach is using three harmony to manage the enterprise , three harmony s are harmonious people,harmonious objectives, and harmonious benefits, namely, the enterprise management need to make people' relationship harmonious, enterprise production and environmental harmonious, the enterprise competition and cooperation get together organically .
The Confucian ideas from different aspects in the construction of enterprise culture plays a role, is the enterprise' lubricant of operation. Therefore, the enterprise should with extraordinary grand vision, pay attention to absorb excellent Chinese traditional culture reference to educate staffs and develop employees, make them love their work, solidarity and cooperation, the spirit of harmony, the competitiveness of the enterprises can strengthen. II The positive influence of Taoism The representative figure of Taoism is Laozi, Zhuangzi. The respectively writings are “Laozi “, “Zhuangzi”.
Enterprise culture construction can absorb reasonable nutrition in China. 1. The thought of “The nature of the Tao, govern by non-interference. ” "The Taos" is the center thought of the Taoist . Laozi 'said " The nature of the Tao, govern by non-interference. " means things have its development rule, people should do something according to rules, shall not act just as you please. In applying the enterprise culture construction, firstly, the leader behavior should conform to the natural development rules, and set legal system according to the rules.
Secondly, the enterprise should consider its own characteristic and the surrounding environment totally when involving enterprise reform, don't take it for granted. Thirdly, for leaders, should be good at stressing the important issues. the routine affairs are made decentralization to subordinates, so the duty and right are clear, exhaust its power each, leaders seem be at leisure, actually,the work is in the perfect order, it is "inaction and without exception" 2.
The thought of "Dialectical to things, dialectical at all things”. This is the Taoist thought and essence. Laozi thought, all phenomena are in opposition to each other, such as new and old, filled with failure, high and low, long and short, fortune and misfortune, and so on, and the opposite relationship is also can be changed. Focus on present enterprise, the market is like the battlefield, there is success,also there is fill, in the face of the fierce competition, the enterprises should have a clear understanding.
When the enterprise is in the management difficult period, the enterprise should not be discouraged, through unremitting efforts, have the difficult situation improved and developed in the opposite direction , which is succeed; When the enterprise is in prosperity, also should recognize that the enterprises still exist some problems, which is likely to be hidden, and at the same time, the enterprise competition rises rapidly on barely detectable speed ,the enterprise will fall behind, even may be eliminated carelessly.
The thought of dialectical to things to know things, manage the enterprise, is also one of magic weapon that many enterprises win the game to success or avoid arrogance and keep lead. 3. Thought of " The beginning of crumbs" Laozi thought, all the great things of the world, start from the trifle deeds. He said: "The close columns are born in Baekho wood; the platform of nine layers of begins tired soil; A journey of miles begins with a single step. " This has a great enlightening significance for enterprise culture construction.
Each enterprise has one dream, the constant development and growth. In order to o realize this dream, it will have to start from scratch, however many enterprise doesn't do this, they are anxious for success, expect them to compare blindly, expand the scale recklessly, introduce foreign capital, ignore its own conditions, also regardless of what are the procedure and regularity, result in appearing management difficulty, funds are wasted, the increase in liabilities and so n a series of unhealthy phenomenon. The enterprise of world Top 500 enterprise, Which enterprise is not clear about the history of hundreds of years? Which enterprise does not rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength? Then they achieve the brilliant achievements. Taoism, broad and profound, it educate today's enterprise has dialectical view of success or failure, conform to rules to manage the enterprise in a thought of "The nature of the Tao, govern by non-interference. " at the same time, look upon the business enterprise growth in a thought of " beginning of crumbs", causes the enterprise to sustainable development. The negative influence of Chinese traditional culture Everything is split into two, there is no absolute good or completely bad, when seeing the excellent traditional culture, also should see its negatives, here is the simple analysis of the Chinese traditional culture on the influence of negative aspect 1. The doctrine of the mean impartial, the maintenance arts of harmonic fold Wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy them", "shoot the bird which takes the lead", these proverbs advise Chinese not to be the world's firstly will affect the enterprise competition consciousness of first-class , also greatly affect the enterprise internal personnel selection, training and the use. Governor General of Canada, Wu Bingzhi's father educated his kids, "if you don't want to pick the stars in the sky, so you even the dust of the ground also can't get".
In the age of globalization now, the business is more competitive, is full of risk, who is too timid and overcautious, everything is not dare to do it firstly, or competition consciousness is light , no desire to make progress, and do the industry in “muddle through ”mind, I'm afraid the enterprise is difficult to live forever. When former general electric CEO jack Welch talk about general enterprise culture, Had one well-known saying is "competition, competition, and competition again". 2. How do you view the success or the failure.
How to evaluate the person who often fails. No one dares to say that he will never fail. Modern scientific education research indicates that people learn from mistakes, so, to a certain extent, successful people are the failure of more than others. As a modern merchant, must be not afraid of failure, only the person is not afraid of the failture, who would know failure, will distinguish which is the success through failure, which is the failure of forever, so as to avoid the failure in the key problems.
In the traditional Chinese culture, the evaluation of a person is often not see who makes it so many things, but more is to see how many he made the mistake, against many people, how many times he has failed. In this standard, the kind of person who doesn't care no fame, only request no faults, the person who takes care of a good relationship is in the ascendant, but the person who has the big momentum, who is careless of the relationship, who plunges into the affairs often suffer more loss. Long-term since, the enthusiasm of employees will be hit, the harm to the enterprise is self-evident. . Pay more attention to the history, experience, authority and the thought of ranking. "Don't know the ancient, no righteousness. " I had passed a bridge more than the path where you had walked . " A big officer's saying is more virtuous than small officer, as if all the leaders are wiser than subordinates in all the problems . The experience of past, were not completely intact are used to guide today's real life, The experience of the past, were not completely intact used to guide today's real life, many experiences for today's often are only core thought about.
Above in the role of thought enterprise culture construction, will only make enterprise feudal breath is strong, it is difficult to develop for the Long time. 4. The trend in thought, to pay attention to "the metaphysical" of the research, and neglected the "physical" quest, cause "pay attention to traditional culture, neglect art" bad tendency. In the Confucian culture dominant, formed a very bad idea: advocating "principles", despised the "skill", People has always attached great importance to "learn the traditional culture".
This kind of idea and further encourage "the value of intolerance. The idea for the enterprise culture construction, easy to cause the enterprise just talking morality, no material technology pursuit, in science and technology is the first productivity of modern society, ignore technological innovation is dead, must avoid this narrow traditional culture. Overall, as the traditional Chinese culture running in Asian for the thousands of years, is a complex culture on both sides of the body.
Speaking from the positive aspects, it plays the positive role in the construction of enterprise culture, is the enterprise culture innovation, the basement to continue to progress; Speaking from the negative aspects, it also can form the block role in the construction of enterprise culture, is a heavy burden of history. We should see the positive aspect, also need to see the negative aspect, take the essence and discard the dross in order to service modern enterprise culture construction.

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