Spring Jazz Band Concert Report

Published: 2021-09-28 23:30:03
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On Friday, April 29, 2011, I went to see Spring Jazz Concert at Sophia B. Clarke Theater. Most of performers have great instrument skill and show us a wonderful music. Each movement highlights the character, range, and technical abilities of an individual instrument, all of pieces stand on their own as intricate musical gems. The show was divided for two parts, and they have different sections on those two parts.
During the concert, we would hear different music programs by playing in different music instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, trombones, drums, bass, guitar, and piano. Each performer represents different music instruments. On the first parts of the concert, there were three songs. In conclusion, I enjoyed this concert very much because the music in this concert was very nice. In my opinion, I had totally different feelings between I listened music in the concert and at home, and the atmosphere of concert was awesome.
Besides the music, I had deep impression in the performers; every performers in the concert had much passion when they were performing. In my opinion, because of their wonderful performance, I could hear such nice music. Also, everyone in the concert was polite. Every times when conductor came to the stage or the song was end, almost every audience stood up and applauded to the performers, the applause lasted for a pretty long time. At that time, I felt so good. All in all, I really enjoyed this concert.

The tone color of most of the jazz bands that I saw was smooth and inviting. This made the bands easier to listen to. They were polyphonic in structure, where all of the different instruments were playing different melodies. The rhythm that was used was in a quadruple meter. This was true for all of the bands. The only thing that I wished would have happened was that there would have been more improvisation instead of reading from sheet music. They were very structured in that way.

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