Social Structures

Published: 2021-10-01 21:35:06
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Category: Human Nature, Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency

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Social structure theories are based on relationships or bonds. A good example of a social structure would be family counseling. This is where families would learn to bond and work together. Community events such as team events or social gatherings can become part of the social structure that helps to mold juveniles being involved in positive social functions is important in the development of a youth. So in my community the Youth Sports program will be a good example of “social structure. Because this involves both juveniles and families it provides the ability to have closer relationship with both family and community.
Social process theories go rights along with both the conflict and the social theory. It is a learned behavior one that often comes from watching siblings or parents display tier patterns of behavior. A public program that exemplifies this again would be the Boys and Girls club. These clubs are designed to create positive environments for children and youth to spend time learning sports and positive interactions. Social conflict theories definition, what the cause of crime is and how does economics play a part in this theory. Social economics do play a factor in how juveniles are treated in the system after committing a crime.
In a poor neighborhood if a youth steals a TV they are quite often convicted and sent to Juvenile detention. A juvenile from a more affluent neighborhood may only be brought into court and considered indiscretions. How the county’s juvenile programs would treat the two social groups differently. This happens with both youth and adults. The juvenile system would be an example of this social structure theory and how the conflict between social groups is treated in the system. Juvenile detention is the county’s number one way in which to denture criminal behavior.

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