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Summery of Literature 1: This paper was starting with the shopping experience of Marie LaTortue who is shopaholics. She shops crazyly. However, the author did not be scared and wrote that” Marie scares me a little. Not because what she's saying sounds alien to me, but because I can see a bit of myself in her. ” Moreover, the author was introduced shopaholism as a “sickness”, as she wrote Marie told her that. Then, she thinks that compulsive shopping is a disorder of classic american. Psychologist Emil Kraepelin is the first one to define excessive shopping as an illness, which is oniomania.
Sociologist Ronald Faber also thinks that shopaholism is much like alcoholism. The same as Chicago psychoanalyst Robert Galatzer-Levy metioned compulsice shopping is a case of the ordinary pleasures. Nevertheless, University of Cincinnati psychiatry professor Susan McElroy, implys shopaholism as "irresistible, intrusive and/or senseless. " With the saying of Lauren Land, "There's no feeling that compares with the feeling I get when I hand over my credit card,", The author mentioned the credit cards as one of the crimes led people to be shopaholics.
In the part called “ plastic fantastic”, it was talking about how do credit cards cost trobles and how much does it tend to make us spend more. The power is called “unreality principle”, and it “ 'decouple' the pain of paying for things from the pleasure of buying them”. People feel free when buy things. Later, the author told us that promise is a medicine, the “antidepressant Celexa” may help shoppers. Getting away of crdit cards and checkbook is a way of quit shopping.

The last part “ under mouse arrest” was talking about the online shopping, even if we do not go to shops on the streets, but still we could not stop shopping online. This paper is the one that introduced me what is shopaholism. reference of literature 2 Pandey, K. K. & Pandey, M. & Kerwar, M. & Khare, A. & Singh, D. (2011). Is shopping addiction or overspending a real addiction? People’s Journal of Management, 71. Summery of Literature 2: In the paper, the author discussed about whether shopping is addiction?
He regards shopping addiction as “Impulse Control Disorder”. For specifically, overspending is excessive, impulsive behaviors. Moreover,in his opinion, spending a lot of time or money on shopping is not shopping addiction. Later, he discussed the therapy of shopping addiction, such as doing therapy individually, cognitive-behavioral therapy as a group, counseling with your lovers, your husband or wife , counseling about your personal credit and management of your debt.
Medication is also a way to help when someone behaves as disorder bipolarity, self- depression, which happens for half of the addicts. As an example, he talked about retail therapy. It is an elementary intention of improve shoppers' emotion. Additionally, even if shopaholics have not been defined as disorder patients, but still it may exist as mental patients. The difference between compulsive shopping and impulsive shopping is why they shop a lot. When shopaholics shop, they often shop unexpectedly, they feel anxious from the inside.
In author's discussion, he thinks compulsive could also suffer more than impulsive shoppers from some bad results like monetary problems, disagreement of families, and hysterical astonishment. As a result, the author finds out that all addictions are used to get away from the problems the shoppers come across now. However, it is a way of getting more serial of problems. The reason why people become shopaholics is they did not get enough attention from their parents during the childhood , they did not feel confident, so they use shopping as emotional defend.
In conclusion, he believes shopping addiction of overspending is an addiction, because the symptoms and the motivations of those shoppers usually act as addictions. Summary of literature 3: In this paper, the author talks about how different shopaholics get away from crazy shopping. The person, Keisha is a worker at a mall, she goes to stores everyday during the lunchtime. She thinks simply that she is single with no kid, so she could afford herself to buy anything she wants. For the shopaholics like her always shop a lot and suffer a lot, then finally realize the problem and want to get away from shopping.

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