Review on John Donne’s ‘Holy Sonnet 14’

Published: 2021-09-29 20:15:05
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"Holy Sonnet 14" by John Donne speaks quite profoundly to me because I have been going through a similar conflict in my life. Donne in this poem describes the believer's conflict between the sinful nature and their new Godly nature given to him when he becomes a believer. When I first read this poem, the words reminded me of the lyrics of several of my favorite contemporary Christian songs. In line twelve, Donne begs God to imprison him. This theme appears in two songs, both of I love.

Line 4,"Your force to break, blow, burn, and make me new”, reminds me of another song. The concept of being born again is mentioned several times in the Bible and in many songs by Contemporary Christian artists. Songs have always spoken to me; I am a musical person. This poem reminds me of many songs because songs and poems are closely related. Songs are often poems that are sung. This poem really speaks to me. Donne is really fighting on the inside.

He begs God the break his heart, to break him down so he will let God in. He needs God to destroy him and make him new. He tries to let God in but he cannot in and of himself. He loves God but is trapped in the world. Donne needs God to claim and break to world's hold. I have prayed of many of these things before.
The world is so frustrating; it tries constantly to steal my peace and joy. It wants to separate me from God and imprison me. Sometimes I lose hope and I want to quit trusting in God. Then He speaks to me and reminds me that nothing can separate me from His love and I should not fear the world for He has overcome the world. I then pray for the Holy Spirit to inhabit my life. I ask Him to change me to be more like Jesus. I know Donne often felt like I did. This poem is also a comfort to me because it lets me know that another Christian has felt the same disappointment in his relationship with God I have.

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