Do Not Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched

Published: 2021-09-29 07:15:03
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This is a famous story that a man was very poor and lived hand to mouth. Happy go lucky, he earned a gold coin. He was very glad by that and started ejecting his future. He dreamed that by selling this gold coin, he will buy several chickens which then lead to a poultry farm. With so much earning with the poultry he will buy cows and goats and as it seems, he will become very rich soon! While he was in the state of highest level of expectations, he was so deeply sank into the sea of never ending wishes that he didn’t see main-hole opened.
His foot intersected with it and he fallen and that gold coin ran to the main-hole. All his dreams shattered and the castles he built in air ended in smoke. Although the story is quite humoristic but there are lessons in it. Say you have 6 eggs, and you invest in feed and a cage large enough to feed and house 6 chickens, but only 1 egg hatches. There goes most of your investment down the drain. All events happen in a line. For example, you first get the job, and then you buy the car. Not the other way around. The phrase tries to explain that you should not think about the car until you get the job.
In the case of the chicken, you should first focus on hatching the eggs before you focus on how much money you are going to make from selling the chickens. While looking ahead is wise but it is foolishness that one would start enjoying and thinking things before they happen or simply become closet-strategist. One must not, also confuse serpentine wisdom with day-dreaming. Suppose we are planning a trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan and estimate the budget, plan the routes or possible stops or booking advance the hotels etc. , this is outlook or planning, which in turn can save us from many troubles.

On the other hand if we think in such a way that what games we are going to play? How much enjoyment we will be having? What will we do if we see the snowfall? Will we throw snow balls at each other? This is dreaming which can cause disappointments or upsetting. The conclusion is we should not think about the future before we reach it or simply don’t count things if you don’t have them yet because its consequences may not be the same as we think. A great many of the problems faced by the world these days is due to this reason.

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