Impetus for Global Warming

Published: 2021-09-29 13:25:03
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Although the whole world is aware of the global worming issue and is afraid of what its impacts could do mother earth in the coming future, there are those who still believe global worming is a fiction and does not exist. The global warming debate in many parts of the earth is ranging more than before. Many people assert to the fact that earth is jeopardized by daily human activities that we cannot do without while skeptics strongly continue to believe that human activities are not the cause to global (Haldar, 2011). Most of the skeptics do not understand how human activities are contributing to global warming.
They do not realize that every time they turn on their electronic gadgets and drive cars they contribute to the problem. It is due to such ignorance in the past that the problem has continued to creep on us. Additionally, as much as many people understand that global warming, is a problem now; very few understand that each choice they make contribute to the problem while even fewer do not understand that it is the responsibility of every person to solve the problem by remaining conscious of their consumption choices.
Global warming is based on the notion that the earth temperatures are increasing due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels. The increase in temperatures is caused by the increasing emission of carbon dioxide, CO2, into the atmosphere that is associated with trapping heat hence the greenhouse effect. According to Maslin (2007), human activities that include burning of fossil fuels are the main causes of global warming in our planet. The effect of increasing global temperatures is the main cause of changing global climate, which is the main effect of global warming (Haldar, 2011).

This further affects different climatic regions in different ways such as faster melting of the glaciers in the arctic, famine and draughts, heavier rainfall in some regions while others hardly receive any, warmer oceans, loss of species and changing weather patterns amongst others. Therefore, there is a pressing need to protect the environment in the face of global warming especially in adversely affected areas where climatic changes are occurring rapidly (Haldar, 2011). Arguments for Global Warming
Currently, many arguments in favor of the global warming issue exist. The most agreed upon argument is that human activities especially those that cause emission of carbon dioxide are quite high to be considered insignificant or negligible, as skeptics to global warming would term them. The other argument is that global temperatures are more constant and do not change over a short while. However, the current increase in the global average temperatures is an indicator of increasing greenhouse effect causing the global warming.
Further scientific research indicate that over the past century when the world has undergone a huge transformation into industrialization temperatures have increased significantly especially in the last fifty years. Moreover, scientific studies agree that fluctuating temperatures are not only caused by human activities, but also other activities such as volcanic eruptions and solar activities amongst other cause (Biophile Magazine n. d). This indicates that arguments for global warming are supported by scientific research while skeptic arguments are not.
Another argument for global warming is that carbon dioxide being one of the most important greenhouse gases cannot be removed from the atmosphere easily. It requires a lot of time to remove from the atmosphere considering that we currently produce it in huge amounts. The current amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can last for the next 200 years even if we stopped emitting any into the atmosphere (Biophile Magazine n. d). This means that its percentage in the atmosphere will continue to increase if no measures are taken to stop.
A comparison of the earth’s climate with its closest planets can indicate how the effect of increase in carbon could jeopardize life. Mars, with a thinner atmosphere has almost all of its carbon dioxide in the ground maintaining its temperatures at -50oC. On the other hand, Venus that is closer to the sun has a thicker atmosphere with 96% of it containing carbon dioxide. This maintains its temperatures at +420oC. This is to mean that increase in carbon implies increased temperatures (Maslin, 2007). Arguments against Global Warming
While there are many arguments for global warming, it is surprising that there are as many opposing views especially ones that are just fiction. One of the major opposing arguments is that even though the earth is warming up, we cannot for sure attribute this to human activities. Most of these opposing views from the skeptics attribute global warming to natural causes despite the fact that scientific studies have indicated the contribution of human activities to global warming. As a result, many people are confused over whether global warming is a fact of fiction.
Even some scientists argue that global warming if it exists is beneficial since it allows longer growing seasons, efficient irrigation schemes and creates more climates that are conducive. Although this might be partially true, it is a known fact that such effect is only for a short period while the negative effects are permanent. Another argument from the skeptics is that carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere quickly, meaning that we can reverse the effect quickly than it is changing (Biophile Magazine n. d).
As aforementioned, this is not true and remains just a fiction. Further, they claim the negligibility of the human activities in causing the problem. These are arguments without scientific or in contrast to scientific studies, making most of them fiction. However, whether fiction or not fiction, such arguments have the effects of slowing the efforts of mitigating the problem. In conclusion, it is evident that two sides to the global warming fact or fiction debate exist with many still believing that human activities have nothing to do with global warming.
The arguments presents two sides, one with people who believe that human activities are causing the global warming while the other believes global warming if it exists is caused by natural causes. The two sides of view dictate what one can do to prevent the problem from aggravating. With the view supporting global warming, the proponents are more likely to take up measures that reduce carbon emission especially changing their consumption behavior while the opposing side will just do nothing. It is important to understand both sides of the arguments in order to make better judgment concerning measures that can reduce global warming.

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