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Published: 2021-10-02 04:25:06
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On Tuesday, Sept. 5
I signed my daughter up for cheerleading at Jefferson elementary school. Upon arriving you are required to pay $60.00 for sign up and also a $7.00 registration fee, pom poms are $25.00 and the uniform is $50.00. According to the flier, there is a team for girls between the ages of 5-7 and another for the ages 8 and over. During practice, I noticed that the other girls were much younger and also shorter than my daughter and I felt it would be a better fit for my daughter to cheer with the older girls. I asked the coach since my daughter will be turning 8 years old next month if she could join the team with the older girls, The coach “said no, I was very upset, so I requested my money back. My money was returned and I found a new cheerleading program for my daughter with a more understanding coach.
Good experience

On Wednesday Sept.6
I went to the Taco Bell located in Alhambra Ca just off Fremont street. I ordered several tacos with no tomatoes and 2 small drinks to go. When I arrived home and begun to eat my food I noticed the tacos had tomatoes. I called the taco bell to inform them a mistake was made on my order. The manager was very apologetic and asked if I could come back to the restaurant to replace my order, “I agreed. When I arrived I asked for the manager he replaced my order and gave me 3 free tacos and a coupon for a free meal. I was very thankful and will continue to shop there.

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