Florence Nightingale

Published: 2021-10-02 01:45:06
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I was really moved when Dr. Howe advised Florence that "If you have a passion, the only way to satisfy it is to pursue it. " Yes, you will only be satisfied in your life when you pursue your passion on something because if not, you will only regret it and in the end you weren’t able to help other people as well as yourself. Florence really did not neglect God’s call to her and this really demonstrated the passionate side of her. Thanks to Dr. Howe, she found out that nursing is really her calling.
I also admired Florence’s determination when she rejected Mr. Milnes and preferred to concentrate on her career. For me, to have a passion the same as her, marriage would really interfere with her ability to follow her calling. This is because it would really be difficult for Florence to manage a family when she is definitely drawn into helping other people. Florence is a good leader because she is understanding to the other nurses and all of them will really follow her orders.
She is smart and knowledgeable in the proper health care. Florence has that “magic” in healing and also she has a strong persona when she is dealing with dying patients. Furthermore, who knew how much prejudice there was against nurses before? It was really a terrible prejudice, considering nurses as little more than “hangers-on” and the prejudice in the army was shocking. The head doctors would prefer to see soldiers die than let the nurses trained by Florence work in the military hospitals.

Compared to nowadays, nurses are really respected and honoured because of the love and care they give to their patients. It is good to be reminded of the damages prejudice can cause and just how powerful it is as a social force The film was outstanding for me. The portrayal and the flow of the story were good. Jaclyn Smith was very good as Florence Nightingale. And the film really showed the complete detail of Florence Nightingale’s works in the field of nursing.

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