Crime and Cjus285-1302a-01 Juvenile Delinquency

Published: 2021-09-27 16:25:03
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Colorado Technical University Online CJUS285-1302A-01 Juvenile Delinquency Phase 1- Individual Project Professor Grace Mickles Obaid Rahman April 15, 2013 There are many advantages of the taxpayer and the juveniles to split the juvenile courts into two sections because it will benefit taxpayer and juveniles by splitting into sections. By doing that status offenders will get more help and treat as a minor crime offender, which they don’t in a joint section.
Status offenders are treated unfairly, and don’t get the punishment what they are committed too, there is a need for splitting a juvenile court into two sections. The advantages of splitting will help status offenders to be treated fairly according to their offences. Other advantage toward splitting courts will increase the ability of juvenile courts to punished young offenders, and this will benefit to taxpayers because the punishment will determined offenders and will reduced cases of young kids and help them to pay less for juveniles cases.
Juvenile delinquent court and status offender court will benefits juveniles because it will make it possible for the juvenile courts to differentiate between major and minor crimes. The process will be more efficient and juveniles will get more proper response from specific courts. I think the higher court judges rule and appoint the judges who work for juvenile courts, who can handle all the juvenile cases and separated those cases by category and according to crime charges.

Juvenile’s delinquency cases are those cases which juveniles violated a law or a serious crime which done by juveniles. In other hand the young offenders who charge with the offence but cannot be classified as criminal violation offence that can only be applied to children, which is why rehabilitation program is must for those kids who can turn back to their normal life. There should be a specific program for those parents who have or had their children in criminal activity, in order to teach their kids right path and stop them to commit crime or break law.
The percentage of Juvenile offenders who arrested first time in their life and never been arrested again are more higher then the juvenile who committed repeat crimes, means if the department can detain children first time and warn them, have more chances to keep them away from future crimes, rather then put them into jail and sentence them like adult will turns out into criminal in future.
By splitting juvenile court into two sections will disadvantage in effectiveness of the two sections will depend on the implementation of the courts. It will also take taxpayers into financial problem and poor services. It will also increase the number of staff and the burden will be on taxpayers. It will also disadvantages to those offender who commit a serious crime, will be subjected more sphere courts then those who attend status offender courts.
There are many advantages by comparing to disadvantages by splitting juvenile court will benefit to those young offender who commits minor crime and able to get back in their normal life with taking some detention or rehabilitation program. References Minor Crime Is a Major Ordeal (2007), retrieved from (http://criminal. findlaw. com/juvenile-justice/minor-crime-is-a-major-ordeal. html) Juvenile Court by Kathleen Michon, retrieved from (http://www. nolo. com/legal-encyclopedia/juvenile-court-overview-32222. html)

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