Cookies Filled with Ice Cream Feasibility Study

Published: 2021-09-29 16:40:04
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Food is very essential for us. It is our need in order for us to live. There are many kinds of food that best suit on our taste buds. One of it is cookies. Cookies is the type of food that most of all like to eat because of its taste. Cookies is the kind of food that kids are attracted to eat. What with cookies that many, like to eat? We as student researchers delved into topic to find out what are the advantages of cookies that is filled with ice cream specifically in Bacolod City. Our study focused on advantages of cookies filled with ice cream.
We choose Bacolod City people as our participants because related indication shows that many business creations are in the place that most people are present. We will present this research paper in order for us to know the taste and effect of cookies that is filled with ice cream in the consumption of people, reasons for eating, effects and the overall impact of eating cookies filled with ice cream in their daily lives. Our findings will be beneficial in both school and establishments’ in better understanding the advantages of cookies filled with ice cream.
And we also offers different flavors of ice cream such as vanilla, mango, chocolate, and ube. Selecta is our choice from where we should get our ice cream to pair with the cookies. Significance of the Study: We conducted this research to find out the consumers’ reaction in the cookies filled with ice cream and the impact of it to different status quo. This will benefit various businesses and establishments on finding out the trend of consumers to better improve and innovate their products with an increase in profit.

Our study can also help establishments that sell cookies to improve their relationship with their customers by satisfying them with irresistible taste and worthy service. Scope and Limitation: 1. Area of locality- Our study will focus on areas in the vicinity of Bacolod city 2. Subject or population- subjects will consist of people within Bacolod City. 3. Duration or Period- the study will be conducted in the months of August to October 2013. Logo: Chapter 2 Management Aspect Study Objectives: The primary reason for this study is to know weather the cookies filled with ice cream will hit the market.
This is also to make a twist between eating a cookies with ice cream. This is also a solution for the hot weather here in the Philippines. Form of Business Organization: This busines is a PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS, consist of 6 partners. These 6 person will help each other to make their customers happy. Rules and Regulations: a. To be truthful and honest in all his/her endeavors particularly in his/her dealings. with a customer and to the business partners. b. To strictly observe all the rules and regulations enforced by the partners and not to violate them. c.
To refrain from directly or indirectly misleading customers or verbally or nonverbally misrepresenting the company. d. To properly behave at all times and not to commit any act which may put his/her dignity and the business reputation. Duties and Responsibilities: a. All the 6 membersof this business is not only the owners of the business. They must also act as an employee and serve the guest well. b. All employess should maintain cleanliness within the area for food sanitation and safety. c. Owners and employees should treat each other regardless of what position the other one has to maintain peace and harmony in the company.
Chapter 3 Product Description: Our signature cookies filled with ice cream is specially made for those who wants to eat cookies and ice cream at the same time. All of our products include a complimentary note card with your personal message whether it's for your parents, friend or even your partner in life. Production Process: First, all the ingredients are fed into a large batch tank. Instead of eggs and milk, dry egg powder and dry milk are most likely used. After everything is well-mixed, the dough is transferred to a machine with two feed rollers.
The feed rollers turn to pull the dough into the machine and push it out through several openings of the proper shape/size (in this case likely a 2 inch diameter circle). As the product is going through the opening, a wire comes across and slices the cookie pieces off so that they land on a tray. The trays are then transferred to a large oven and baked in batches. Alternatively, the cookie pieces might transfer onto metal trays and travel through an oven continuously. After a cooling stage, the cookies are ready to serve with ice cream.

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