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Published: 2021-09-28 10:55:03
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College Essay Lost in a world flooded with giant decisions that would affect the near future, an adolescent me siting confounded in my high school sophomore English class. Attempting to simply pass my classes with no clear plan for the approaching future I disregarded any statements made from my teachers, “You need to build good study habits for college. or “You need a plan for your life, or you will not succeed. ” Completely focused on getting out of high school and earning mountains of money to live a lavish lifestyle, without any plan on how to achieve this goal I coasted through my classes day to day not attempting, ignoring the signs of my ignorant ways. All of this continued until I finally found something that peaked my interest, chemistry.
The first day in my honors chemistry class I expected it to be like any other science class I had taken in the past, but the first class discussion was that scientists today have only discovered a minute amount of the workings of the universe and that by following a process, new relationships, not previously discovered, may present themselves. This idea of discovering something unheard of made me realized that I was going to enjoy chemistry. That afternoon I started on some additional practice problems out of the textbook.
Starting the first problem I had this feeling that I would make a mistake and get the problem incorrect; on the contrary, following the process discussed in class that day made the problem seem almost effortless. Before I knew it I was already done with that problem and had completed four more just like it. Doing these problems gave me a sense of self-assurance and the feeling that I actually understood chemistry, not like English where I felt like all of the essays and parts of speech were out to get me.

Chemistry was different, not like my English class where I slacked off with my work or my history class where my attention was typically not on the teacher. Every moment in chemistry I had my full attention directed at the teacher, taking notes, asking questions about practice problems I had worked on the previous night, or trying to find out more about this possibility of finding a new discovery. Something with chemistry just seemed to click in my brain, whether it be the combination of math and science in perfect harmony or just my urge for the discovery of something new about how toms interact with one another. This growing interest in chemistry struck an idea in my head, “I want to do this for a living after high school. ” With this concept laying in my brain the search for careers involving chemistry and good colleges to attend for that sort of career commenced. Sifting through pages upon pages of job and college searches I stumbled upon chemical engineering a career that involved chemistry and math, the two subjects I have a passion for.
Upon finding this new career, Georgia Tech, the best engineering college in Georgia and one of the best ranked colleges in the nation, came up, and I realized that this prestigious institution was the place for me. With doing more research about Tech their strenuous academic requirements told me that if I really wanted to attend this college I would have to take much harder courses that actually challenged me in school, and I would have to strive for perfection not only in the classes that I enjoyed, science and math, but the classes that did not exactly peak my interest, English and history.
My behavior promptly changed into a very studious one. This new behavior turned out to help me exponentially with my weaknesses in school, and has helped me develop a plan for my future. Following this plan will increase my academic standings allowing me to attend Georgia Tech and get a degree in chemical engineering, which will perpetually satisfy my desire for solving problems that combine science and math. Changing from a “passing student” to an “accelerated student” has developed my work ethic, I now know what it takes to take a place among the top students in my student body and make a name for myself.

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