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Published: 2021-09-27 18:50:03
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Changing Our Lives There are several reasons I decided to go to college at this point of my life. The first reason was simply because when I first received my G. E. D. I couldn’t decide which occupation was right for me. There were so many different and interesting career paths to choose from. It became overwhelming trying to narrow it down to the best choice. I honestly didn’t want to waste time and money going to school for a job I didn’t enjoy or that I could not excel at.
I wasted the next part of my life using drugs and gambling. I made a lot of bad decisions that led me to become involved with law. I have never been charged with any felonies, but I have plenty of misdemeanors to show for my behavior. This limits me to what jobs I can receive. Once the company does a background check the hiring process usually stops there. Even though I have changed my life for the better most employers won’t give me a chance to prove myself. My record definitely limits me when choosing an occupation.
I am embarrassed and not very proud of my mistakes I have made in life but I will not let the past slow me down. Being enrolled in college will help prove myself as a responsible adult and show others that I can shine in any situation. Going to college will give me that chance to make my family proud. I also think it is setting a great example for my children. They see every day how hard it is to work for a job you don’t like and not receiving the pay you deserve.

Deciding to go to college will teach them that no matter what happens in life it’s never too late to make a change for the better. After a lot of thought and time I decided that I would receive my bachelors degree in business administration with a concentration on management. This opens many different outlets upon graduation and will help me decide on a specific career. I will also have the knowledge to hold a management position and make more money while still attending college. My ultimate goal is to one day own a couple of small businesses of my own.
I already have the creativity, passion, and drive to be successful. Going to college will give me the understanding about the business world and bring me closer to my career goals. Waiting to go to college has been frustrating, but definitely worth it. I feel like I finally have enough time to manage work, school, and family life. I am more responsible and am able to make better choices. After changing my life I am finally on the path to seeing my dreams come true. Hopefully I will achieve my final goal of one day being my own boss.

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