Celebrities Have a Tremendous Influence on the Young

Published: 2021-09-30 09:35:05
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With the 24/7 access of media, celebrities have more and more impact on the young. A lot of people think celebrities have a responsibility to act as role models. However, I disagree with this opion. There are many other ways to find role models for young people. Plus, celebrities become famous because they can sing, dance, act, or they are super good at something. But celebrities are human beings too. Like everyone else, celebrities make mistakes too.
People think celebrities should act as role models because celebrities choose to live in a way to put themselves in front of the public so that a lot of people will pay attention to them. It is obvious true that the young people are learning from the celebrities about what to do and how to do. But young people are surrounded by other grown-ups such as parents, friends, relatives, and teachers. In the way of contact with all others, the young can set their role models.
Also there are so many books, articles and movies about famous people who are not close to us, but kids can still learn value, passion, dream and life. Thus celebrities are not necessarily to be pushed as role models. Celebrities become famous because they are better than other in some ways. But it doesn’t mean that celebrities have to live in a role model life. Everyone makes mistakes, including celebrities. But when celebrities get wrong on one thing, they are easily put in front of the public since they get attention all the time.

It is not fair to blame celebrities just because people think they should be role models. Take the example of Britney Spear, young people are so fascinated by her songs and dances. But when it comes to love and marriage, she is unluckily on a wrong path. Many girls make same kind mistakes and they learn from lessons. We cannot expect Britney to be a role model then blame her on bad experience. In a word, celebrities have huge influence on the young. But celebrities do not have a responsibility to be role models.

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