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Published: 2021-09-27 12:20:04
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One wall Is covered entirely by a mirror, Glenn the appearance that the addling room is a lot larger than it actually Is. There are photographs hanging on the other walls of celebrities like Bob Hope, Being Crosby, and Danny Okay, and other famous people like President George Bush, and President Ronald Reagan all of which have dined there. Although there is a tie requirement, the other dcord is not so much as to make someone feel uncomfortable. It is rather ranch style, with Bull horn, and Mason Jar chandeliers, and rustic wood furniture.
The menu has a diverse selection from pasta, chicken, lamb, pork, and of course what they are known for, the steaks and seafood. We decided to get two totally different options so that we could sample more of the menu. Sara decided on the Grilled Swordfish with braised Swiss chard. The Swordfish steak was a 1402. Steak, which is a large piece offish, and it was undoubtedly flavors. The Swiss chard, a green leafy vegetable, which was cooked in the oils of the Swordfish, Sara said was also delightfully tasteful. I am not one for vegetable of that nature so I did not try it myself.
I ordered the Dry Aged Bone-Len Rib Eye, served with fresh steamed Asparagus. The Steak itself I can see why it has gotten such great ratings from food critics, it was cooked perfectly, and was pull apart with a fork tender. It had tons of natural flavors, along with the spices that they had rubbed on it before its final preparation. Although the prices may be a little rich, I believe that it is well worth it considering the flavor, the quantity, and quality of the food that you do receive. This brings me to the people at Bone's Restaurant.

As said before, as soon as you walk wrought the doors, you are greeted by smelling faces, and friendly attitudes. A reservation is a must so wait time is almost nothing. And the quality of Dana, the server that we had this wonderful evening was absolutely fantastic. Dana was friendly, helpful, and her knowledge of the menu was impeccable. But not only was she great, everyone that walked by inquired and made sure that we were doing okay. The General Manager Emilee also came by to make sure everything was great. Both Male Ana Dana were very personable, Ana easy to talk to.
Male even suggested places to go, and see after she found out that we were new to Atlanta. Our overall experience with Bone's Restaurant is something that could be called awesome. It was definitely worth the three week wait list for reservations that we had to wait, and we even already have our name down for a future visit in September. Sara and I would recommend this establishment to anyone, and everyone that is planning to go to Atlanta. Bone's Restaurant is one of the greatest dining establishments that we have ever been to.

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