Beowulf vs. Spiderman

Published: 2021-09-28 03:45:03
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Back in the seventeenth century, they had epic heroes like Beowulf, who killed Grendel with his bare hands. Now, they have heroes such as Spiderman who can shoot web from his wrist and crawl up walls. Beowulf and Spiderman have characteristics that distinguish them as heroes, some of which are found in both of them while one has characteristics the other doesn’t. During the Anglo Saxon days, the original hero was Beowulf, the supreme warrior. He had marvelous strength, not like the average being.
His true bravery and his powerful will to fight to death is what people genuinely knew him for. However, in today’s society, the modern superheroes are taken as being a regular limited hero. Spiderman for instance, was not born with super powers but was bitten by a spider that gave him the power. Unlike Beowulf, who would kill his enemy, Spiderman has limitations and would not dare kill his enemy because he believes death is never the answer. They’re alike because they both put other people’s needs in front of their own; they would risk their lives for someone else’s.
They’re also alike because during the times of Spiderman and Beowulf, there are always critics that only criticize the hero; to make them seem like something they’re not. For example, Peter Parker (Spiderman) is always taking pictures for the Daily Bugle to let people know that Spiderman is a “good guy”, but his imperial figure only wants to make him seem like he is committing a crime. With Beowulf, because he is so vital and was born with this power, average people that do not know him do not think highly of him, want to bring him down.

Resolution: Today’s modern superheroes are given super powers like super strength, reflexes and agility, and to possibly have spider webs come from your wrist and have the ability to crawl up walls! But just like any other epic hero, all of them have some challenging obstacles that has altered their life in one way or another that makes them become strong and prepared to be the icon that most people look up too, while others waiting to watch you fall and fail with the city you protect. These superheroes are all somewhat similar because they fight for their people rather than for themselves and they fight only for justice!

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