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Published: 2021-10-02 02:55:06
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Delusions are fixed false ideas that are not based in reality an example was when John saw his boss telling him to kill his wife and the wife had to quickly ran out of the house. Illusions are false perceptions of real stimulus, he actually was misrepresenting things he sees around that they are harmful to him so he is always ready to attack. Hallucinations are false sensory inputs with no external stimulus, it may take the form of smells, sounds, tastes, sight, touch, or feelings of altered internal workings of the body.
Assessment Pertinent questions to ask the patient having hallucinations are as follows: ask the patient if he sees things when other people are not present, ask how many different voices does the patient hear, what do the voices ask the patient to do, ask if the patient recognize any of the voices, what the voices ask him to do and how does he/ she feel about the voices.
John Nash’s other schizophrenic behaviors in graduate school makes him to see things differently from others, he was not associating himself thus he couldn’t make any friends, an example was during a party were everyone were drinking and chatting he was only able to see the dazzling glasses with the rays of light on it, also at a bar he said something annoying to a lady that was looking for a date or probably someone to buy her a drink and the girl was angry, gave him a slap and walked away out of the bar.

His schizophrenia affect his “self talk” because he was always talking to himself because he was see a friend he thought was real and interacting with. John basically could not take care of his body, he is lacking self care deficit-bathing and I think John is having a disorganized subtype of schizophrenia because of his disorganized thinking, speech, and behavior; also he is socially inept and unable to perform activities of daily living. Nursing diagnoses
Risk for self directed violence related to reality distortion as evidenced in the patient impulsive behaviors that could result in self harm and harm to others. Social isolation related to maladaptive social behavior as evidenced in the patient repetitive meaningless behaviors or behavior unacceptable to significant others. Goal Goals pertinent for John is to be able to develop ways to be more involved with others in an appropriate way and to develop a more satisfying relationship. Nursing interventions
When John was taken away he strike the psychiatrist because he did not want to be sent for treatment and he was been angry as a result of his disordered thinking and loosely organized hallucinations. This type of schizophrenic symptoms is dangerous because he might be hearing voices that tells him to harm others or even himself. Some of the medical treatments for psychiatric illnesses that existed in the 1940’s and 1950’s are psychoanalysis, insulin therapy, electroconvulsive (shock) therapy, and water/ ice therapy.
John received the insulin therapy while he was hospitalized. After discharge from the hospital, John is taking Thorazine and the reasons he had for “cheeking” his pills and stock piling them in the drawer was because whenever he takes his pills he won’t be able to respond to his wife or function effectively as a man of the house. It is important to assess the client’s mouth after taking his medication so as to be sure the client actually swallowed the pills and not hide them in his cheeks.
Supporting significant others Alicia did not have any support system or help in caring for her husband when he returned from the hospital. Planning The nursing diagnosis that would describe Alicia as she care for a new baby and a mentally ill husband is Care giver role strain. The intervention that could be implemented to help Alicia and John is to encourage Alicia to identify available family and friends who can assist with caregiving.
The short term discharge goal for John is that he would take his medication at the required time of the day everyday; John will be able to relate with his wife and significant others appropriately. Implementation The advantage that modern drugs like Olanzapine have over the older drugs like chlorpromazine(Thorazine) is that Thorazine are low potency antipsychotics while Olanzapine exhibits strong adrenergic and anticholinergic blocking action effective for aggressive behaviors in schizophrenia and psychotic disorders.
An increase in temperature is a cause for concern because it can make the client taking antipsychotics physical condition to decline rapidly and this adverse reaction is called Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), also respiratory or urinary tract side effects would be worrisome because these are signs of autonomic nervous system dysfunction. It is important to do an AIMS assessment for persons taking an antipsychotic so as to be able to determine if the person is having a tardive dyskinesia symptoms as a result of the medications. AIMS stands for Abnormal involuntary movement scale. Evaluations
In the last scene, as John is walking up to get his noble prize the extrapyramidal side effects he does have from a long term antipsychotic use is tardive dyskinesia and a prophylactic antiparkinson drugs may be prescribed to combat the adverse effects from antipsychotics such as haloperidol (haldol). Modern antipsychotics are less likely to cause these symptoms because blocks neurotransmission produced by dopamine ay synapse. Reflection I was really surprised to get to know towards the end of the movie that Charles was imagined and I didn’t actually know what to believe was real an unreal about John’s life.
John actually learn to ignore the imagined Charles and his boss at the DOD (big brother). Infact it is really pathetic to know that a mentally ill person see things that doesn’t even exist and that attributes a lot to the abnormal behaviors they exhibit when they are with people. I think a mentally ill person wouldn’t believe those things are just imagination and that might make them very aggressive when it seems people don’t understand them or see things and hear voices they do hear.

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