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Published: 2021-09-27 09:25:03
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Under the criterions that adopted by the U.S. Agriculture Department ( USDA ) , organic nutrients bring the significance that nutrients raised without chemicals and processed without additives. Man-made fertilisers, pesticides and antibiotics may non be used in raising organic nutrients. Besides that, usage of irradiation, biotechnology, and sewer-sludge fertiliser is besides banned. Farming patterns used before the 1900 's are classed as organic. It was merely after this that added chemicals such as urea and DDT were brought into agriculture.
By and large, organic nutrients included organic veggies, fruits, dairy merchandises, meat, and olive oil. Animals can be classs as organic if they are feed with organic nutrients like organic maizes and organic harvests. Based on the information of All for Natural Health, familial alteration is non allowed throughout the whole elevation procedure. Furthermore, additives and seasoning are forbiding to be added into meats. Because of these patterns, organic nutrients bring more nutrition and healthier if comparison with conventional nutrients. Some consumers believe that organic nutrients are tasty due to the agriculture and raising patterns.
From a research conducted by Organic Monitor towards organic planetary market, single-digit market growing was observed for the first clip in 2009 because of the economic lag cut downing industry investing and consumer disbursement power. Organic nutrients and imbibe gross revenues expanded by approximately five per centum to 54.9 billion US dollarsA in 2009. Global grosss have increased observed each twelvemonth, except in 2009. Based on the information that collected by Willer and Kilcher ( 2009 ) , more than 140 states are now bring forthing certified organic nutrients with 32.2 million hectares of agricultural land being managed organically globally by more than 1.2 million manufacturers. The states with the largest markets are the US, Germany, and France ; the highest per capita ingestion is Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria which shown in the tabular array below:

Table 1.1: The states with the highest per capita ingestion of Organic nutrients 2009
Organic Foods Market in Malaysia
It is undeniable that the demand for organic nutrients is on the lifting tendency in Malaysia. This lifting tendency fundamentally caused by the alterations of consumer life style as they are more concern about nutrients safety. Harmonizing to IFOAM & A ; FiBL ( 2003 ) , there are 600 hectares of land under organic direction ; with a portion of entire agricultural land of 0.01. Domestic production is mostly limited to veggies and fruit with perchance one organic domestic fowl operator in East Malaysia. Whilst turning, entire estimated norm is still statistically undistinguished ( UNEP/UNCTAD, 2006 ) . Most organic production is sold domestically with some being exported to Singapore. So far, thereA isA no dependable market statistics available. Some supermarkets such as Jusco, Carrefour, set up an organic corner to advance organic merchandises. Based on the information provided by Department of Agriculture Malaysia, Malaysia Organic Scheme ( SOM ) is a enfranchisement programme to recognize the husbandman who operates his farm in conformity with the standard conditions set by the national organic criterion, MS 1529:2001. An inspector from SOM will be send to transport out for farm review and the determination to attest whether a farm is organic or non is made by a enfranchisement commission consisting of members from assorted authorities sections. Once the application is successful, a logo of Organic Malaysia will be labeled on the merchandises. A merchandise with this organic logo fundamentally is more expensive comparison to others. In wide, SOM brings benefit to whole society because environmental pollution is minimized and consumers are assured that the merchandises they purchase are genuinely organic.
Research Background
It is a fact that the demand for organic nutrients are lifting dramatically in these few old ages. Foods safety and wellness consciousness are turning quickly in late old ages. Therefore, some consumers tend to buy organic merchandises which are healthier and higher quality. Under the 9th Malaysia Plan ( 2006-2010 ) that unveiled by the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia, A Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the authorities is aiming the organic agriculture industry to be deserving RM800 million in 5 old ages ' clip. The Ministry of Agriculture plans to hold 20,000 hectares under organic farming methods by twelvemonth 2010, increasing local production by 4,000 hectares per twelvemonth. Organic ingestion is expected to turn by 20 % per annum ( DoA ) . Besides this, authorities encourages little scale manufacturer endeavor into organic agriculture. Compare to conventional nutrients, organic nutrients bring a batch of advantages and organic agriculture patterns may minimise environmental pollution. Organic farming method creates organic veggies and fruit contains more 50 % vitamin, nutrition and mineral than farmed nutrients. With a chemical free agriculture method, organic nutrients may cut down nutrient toxic condition and forestall some diseases. Pesticides and antifungals are spray on veggies and fruits straight on commercial agriculture method and excessively much ingestion of these chemicals in long term can do malignant neoplastic disease because of it can non be to the full digest by our organic structure system. Therefore, organic nutrients are better pick to cut down the opportunity to develop malignant neoplastic disease. From environment facet, organic agriculture method takes good attention of dirt and land because it encourages the recycling of foods back into the dirt so it can really make better long term sustainability for our land resources.
Problem Statement
In facts, there are many research workers making research on the facet of organic nutrients but there are non much research sing Malaysia organic nutrients market. This has triggered the involvement and avidity to analyze more about this subject. Despite authorities has mark to increase organic farming industry, but there are still some consumers do non aware about the particular properties of organic nutrients compare to conventional nutrients. Furthermore, organic market in Malaysia can be considered as little comparison to other western state such as United State and Australia. Besides than these, factors and motivations that influence families to alter their purchase attitudes from conventional nutrients to organic nutrients is besides one of the factors that triggered the involvement to analyze more about this subject.
Research Aims
This research paper is conducted for the intent of:
To place is at that place any relationship between 3 factors ( economic, psychological science, direction ) and purchase determination of organic nutrients among Malaysia families.
To find what is the chief factor to act upon Malaysia families on buying organic nutrients.
To research the relationship between demographic background ( age, instruction degree, gender and faith ) and purchase determination for organic nutrients.
Research Questions
Based on the research aim that stated in 1.4, this research will set up several inquiries:
What are the relationship between 3 factors ( economic, psychological science, direction ) and purchase determination of organic nutrients among Malaysia families?
What is the chief factor to act upon Malaysia families on buying organic nutrients?
What is the relationship between demographic background and purchase determination for organic nutrients?
Definitions of Key Footings
Table below is the list of cardinal footings with accounts of definitions that the writer will concentrate on in this survey.
Table 1.2 Definitions of Key Footings
Cardinal Term
Organic Foods
Foods produced without utilizing most conventional pesticides ; fertilisers made with man-made ingredients or sewerage sludge ; biotechnology ; or ionising radiation.
U.S. Department of Agriculture ( USDA )
A scientific discipline which surveies human behavior as a relationship between terminals and scarce agencies which have alternate utilizations.
Lionel Robbins ( 1932 )
A scientific survey of human behaviour and mental procedures
Feldman, ( 1990 )
A characteristic used to depict some facet of a population and that can be measured for that population, such as growing rate, age scope, income degree, and instruction background
Laura Klappenbach, n.d
Scope of Study
In order to increase readers ' involvement, this research paper is titled as multidimensional selling positions of organic nutrients. In a simpler word, this research paper is conducted to look into what are the chief factors to act upon consumer from Johor Bahru and Malacca to buy organic nutrients. Therefore, the lone dependant variable is organic nutrients purchase determination. Four independent variables had been established to mensurate this relationship. The four independent variables that have been employed in this research are economic, psychological science, direction and demographic. Survey signifier will be established and administer to aim respondents, family from Johor Bahru and Malacca province who age from 20-65 old ages old. 200 sets of questionnaires will be every bit distributed to aim respondents based on demographic background which is gender. In other words, 100 sets questionnaire will be distributed to male while the remainder will reply by female.
Significance of the Study
First, this research paper can be use as a mention to consumers particularly families who are sing to buy organic merchandise, this research might assist them through giving a clearer image about some elements and advantages of organic nutrients. Furthermore, this will take more pupils to take organic nutrients.
Second, this survey of organic nutrients shall besides alarm organic husbandmans on some betterment needed. Through this paper, organic husbandmans will understand more about consumers ' consideration before they purchase. Some installations can be added to increase the production of organic nutrients. In add-on, organic husbandmans will be provided a clearer image about Malaysia organic nutrients market and organic label.
Third, this paper shall give information to those organic nutrients retail merchants. Through understanding consumers ' outlook towards organic nutrients, organic nutrients retail merchants can pull off their merchandise from the facet of pricing, wrapping and labeling to excite gross revenues volume. In add-on, this may make more occupation chances and assist to foster better Malaysia 's economic system.
Last, this paper can be contributed as a mention to future research worker who intends to carry on research in related field. This paper can be a guideline to assist researcher hold a clearer image and smoothen their research advancement.
Organization of the Research
Introduction about organic nutrients and overall of this research are discuss in chapter 1. Organic nutrients market in Malaysia is defined here and follows up with research background that focuses on some information about organic nutrients. Research aims and inquiries are established in chapter 1 that discuss about aims to be step in this research.
Chapter 2 is concentrate on the past literature reappraisal that are related to organic nutrients, which has been published by a big figure of research worker. The chief independent variables will be explained in this portion which consists of economic system, psychological science, direction, and demographic. A really specific account of each variable will be provided in this portion.
Chapter 3 will calculate out the research methodological analysis that will be used in this research paper in order to happen out the relationship of independent variables towards purchase determination of organic nutrients. In add-on, hypothesis and theoretical model will be besides shown in this chapter. Apart from these, informations analysis method and trying design will be explained in item.
Chapter 4 will continue with the analysis of the information that have been collected by utilizing Statistical Process for Social Science ( SPSS ) Version 18. Analysis of demographic background of the respondents is provided in this chapter.
Chapter 5 illustrates the treatment of the hypothesis. Each of the hypotheses that established in chapter 4 will be farther explain in this chapter and follow by deductions. Furthermore, restriction of the survey and some recommendations for this research paper will be provided in this portion. Last, a simple decision will be usage to stop the full research.
Chapter Summary
In overall, chapter 1 has explained the definition and organic nutrients market. In this portion, the research worker has besides set up the research aim for this survey. In add-on, the definition of dependant variable and each independent variable has been explained in a table signifier. Last, range of survey and important of the survey besides has been explained in inside informations in this chapter.

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