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AMELIA ROGERS AT TASSANI COMMUNICATION TASSANI COMMUNICATIONS Tassani communication was found by sally Tassani in 1980. it was Chicago based company and started to provide advertising , public relations , direct marketing , sales promotions and graphic desing. Tassani communication was different from other traditional advertising agency. according to sally tasani ; advertising wasn’t more valuable than public relations , sals promotions or direct marketing . according to her it was just a true position in 1990s . n 1984 ,tassani communication recognized the fastest growing company in the united states . sally tassani hired jim paglia who had worked in a large companies and he was very experienced person . after he started to work attassani communication, he introduced eight step process. Both Sally Tassani and Jim paglia believed that the most profitable competitors maintained a balanced portfolio of accounts which is based on clienst. According to one executive person; sally and paglia were very smart ,bright and good at what they were doing. im paglia was very good to understand what clients need and sally was good at motivation and cares about business . sally was more maternal and wants to reward employees jim is tougher . according to this employee jim and sally was completely different in style but they have the same vision. Economic cris effected companies move. Tassani communication was forced logoff because of clients budgets when economy started to recover.. tassani communication’s goal was 25$ million billing to 35$ million in te next year . fter this move sally tassani and jim paglia divided their position in the company. sally tassani became ceo and president ,paglia as the executive vice president and chief operator. In economic depression in 1991 they had to let go many loyal employees . she described this situation that tassani communication reacted a part at which they needed people with a sophistication about their business. she thought that company needed people to manage their …. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS

Tassani communiation organized to be flat organization to support the integrated philosophy. Each department in the agency was operated as a separate profit center. How is the creative process: Creative process with clients would began ally Tassani or director brought account to the agency. Account director advises to creative director and creative director begin brain storming with the …. after all these process ideas goes to paglia and he choose the best one.

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