AIDS awareness advocacy advertisement.

Published: 2021-09-28 07:00:03
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Hannan Qistina Amir Hamzah 11200770816th April 2013 AIDS awareness advocacy advertisement. Kenneth Cole has come out with more than one advocacy advertisement to bring an issue to the centre. The First was AIDS awareness ad in 1985. He mainly focuses on the issue of AIDS, to increase public awareness of his views on how important to prevent it. He tried really hard to make people understand about the AIDS issue through his advertisement. The tagline for the ad was ‘For the future of our children’.
In the ad, the models were not wearing shoes because Kenneth Cole was not promoting or selling his product but focus on the issue. He does not bother spending very large amounts of money onto his advocacy ad. General reaction to the first AIDS ad. There is a lot of criticism that Kenneth Cole have gotten from his AID ad. People ask a lot of questions, they will question the message of the ad, the rationality of the ad because the issue was very controversial. People will read his ad the way they wanted because everyone has their own perceptions.
Even though there are lot of criticism, Kenneth Cole has the courage to argue and stand for his ideas because to him it is important. Besides that, what he felt about the social issue, the AIDS can be reflected through his ad. AIDS awareness is something that he really cares about and really focuses on the issue genuinely. Kenneth Cole also take his AIDS ad as an opportunity to say what is important that may can give differences on people’s lives. Value relationship This advocacy advertisement can also help to establish relationship with the constituents.

Furthermore, advocacy advertising is designed to capture the eye and to win hearts and minds of the constituencies. The goal is that after they have being exposed to the AIDS awareness ad, they may take a position on the issue and felt that it is important too, and may be persuaded to change opinions about the issue. Kenneth Cole said that he believed that he could say something important and might help and impact people’s lives and make a difference. By creating an advocacy ad can allow new facts, arguments or even action that the government should take.
Brand loyalty What Kenneth Cole has gotten from his advocacy ad is that it will eventually help to raise awareness of the company, brand loyalty because by taking care of the community can enhance the Cole’s company, and most importantly about advocacy issue. Other than that, is getting people to act the way he thinks people should act. It is to influence people’s opinion towards his advocacy ad or about the issue that he is focuses on like the AID awareness on 1985. Visit mothers with aids in Cape Town.
Kenneth Cole went to Cape Town to visit the AIDS centre and the treatment centre to support all the AIDS patients. With his visit, it shows that he really cares about the AIDS awareness and really cares about the issue to help people just what he said in his ad. He is not only producing an advocacy advertisement. From the visit, he has gain more knowledge about how the international actions around AIDS, he has knew that AIDS exist globally nad know how to address the issue locally.

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