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Published: 2021-09-28 23:15:03
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In this Cosmopolitan magazine ad for Tacori jewelry, there is a silver honey comb stick with rich, golden brown honey on the end of it. The honey looks like it is about to drip off of the stick, making the honey look very indulgent. On the handle of the honey stirrer are three engagement rings. The bottom one is a wedding band with diamonds around the whole band. The middle ring and the top ring are the same ring just with different views. The middle ring is the top view and the top ring is the side view.
The ring has one big rounded square diamond in the middle and little diamonds around it and on the band four more diamonds on each side. From the ad, the marketing idea is that these rings are a treat, sort of like and indulgent to go along with the sweet honey. In this ad, the honey wand is silver, unlike normal ones that are usually wooden or plastic. Color is a very important detail when creating an ad, and in this ad, the colors chosen were the not bright or vibrant colors, they were simple yet elegant.
The background is all white, which allows all of the attention to be drawn to the delectable golden honey on the wand and to the sparkling silver of the rings. The word TACORI is located at the top left hand corner of the ad. It is a thin, black font and does not take up a lot of room, it is just enough to let the reader know what the brand is. I think that the reason why there are not many colors and the name of the company is not a huge bold font is because the main focus is the rings themselves. The honey wand is rather large and the rings are zoomed in on so that the crystal clear diamonds shimmer on the magazine paper.

The bright yellow, deep orange and brown from the honey add the only splash of color for this ad. I think the colors of the honey though are used to create a rich feeling to the ad, after all, these rings are the best and money the best is what money can buy. The angle of vision for this ad is very important because in order to sell a product such as these diamond rings, the viewer needs to see all of the aspects of the rings. This ad did a very good job at showing the rings in different angles. The ring at the bottom of the honey wand is the wedding band.
In the ad, the ring is positioned so that the diamonds that go around the entire ring can be seen but also the inside of the ring is shown because the word TACORI is stamped on the inside. This is a very good marketing strategy because the rings look more desirable knowing they are name brand. The middle ring is the engagement ring. It is positioned so that the reader is looking straight at the huge square setting of the ring. It shows the top, which is what a person sees if they are wearing the ring. This makes it easier for a person to imagine what it would be like to wear the ring.
And the top ring shows the side of the ring, and the small but beautiful details of the smaller diamonds surrounding the sides of the ring. This gives a person the full view of the rings at every angle. There are no characters in this ad nor are there any catchy phrases or sayings. The ad is very clear and shows everything the business needs for a person to want what is being advertised. I don’t think that characters were used in the ad because it would take away from the ring. If a woman sees a gorgeous model wearing a ring, they are not going to put all of their focus on the ring; they are going to look at the surrounding objects.
With this ad, there are no distracting people, just sweet honey to make the rings look like a tempting dessert. I think the impression that the ad gives is that these rings are a treat. We as Americans love to be treated well and have things that are valued in our society. A woman for instance loves to be lavished with clothes and shoes and fine jewelry. And this ad is the perfect example of how the honey represents a sweet “treat” and the rings should go along with it. The rings are a treat for a woman, and she should indulge herself in it. What kind of woman wouldn’t want these rings on her finger?

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