A Summary on the Essay of Kate Gubata: The New Feminism

Published: 2021-10-01 16:00:06
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Category: Feminism, Gender, Women, Boy and Girl Are Equal

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The word feminism has generally and categorically been associated to an assembly and movements of radical groups who try to eradicate the male dominance in society, talking if not shouting, just to get their messages across.  These were the women in our grandparents’ time who have endeavored and strived to get their equal rights as a human being.  Today, it has been observed that women try to keep away from becoming branded as feminist to disassociate themselves to this type of bloc.  Feminism does not have to be exclusively defined to this category.
According to Gubata (2003), a lack of interest among women to engage themselves in these activities is due to the misconceptions on the aims of feminism.  The real goal of the feminists’ today is to elucidate both men and women to convert equality into a reality. Anyone can be an active participant on this action and tackle significant feminists’ issues such as pay inequity, recent passage of the “abortion drug” and legal battles of homosexual marriage.
Contemporary feminists are those people who have no fear in speaking their minds and in sharing their ideas as well as being open to ideas of others.  Women should not deny themselves the prospect of getting themselves involved in something they believe in.  Having a united voice means getting the aim stridently heard.

The author emphasized on the encouragement of the people to get themselves involved in promoting the goals of feminists.  Take note of the groups in your community which you might get interested in then once you find it, enlist yourself and be prepared to take action.  You may have dissimilar and diverse feminist perceptions in the group but the eventuality of accomplishing your purpose is more apparent.
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