A Major Problem Of Global Warming

Published: 2021-09-28 15:45:03
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Global warming - a major problem faced by the nature today. It has become the most critical and controversial issue faced by the creation in this twenty- first century’s world which potentially effects everyone in this universe. Strategically Earth is warming faster than at any phase in the previous one thousand ages. various scientists, researchers, and environmentalists are showing their concerns about modifications in the whole climate of the earth.
Various believe that a dramatically unsafe warming is taking place in the overall global environment, which is referred to as "global warming". According to World Almanac Books, (2000) it occurs when the earth temperature rises and greenhouse gases like (nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane) trick light and heat from the sun in the atmosphere of earth, which rises the temperature. This harms a number of living things this is the reason why many lives are not able to take this change, as a result they pass away.
Societies need to do something about it before it becomes too late and the problem gets worse. The main purpose of writing this essay is to highlight the two main causes which are (the emission of carbon dioxide by human and deforestation) and conceivable solutions of global warming. This essay will argue that how an emission of carbon dioxide through human can become a greatest cause of global warming and how by decreasing driving, traveling less and recycling of waste products can solve this problem.

There are several causes of global warming but this essay will highpoint only the major reasons; Carbon dioxide emission by human beings is the most important cause of global warming. The foremost humanoid movement that releases CO2 is the incineration of vestige fuels (natural gas, oil and coal) for transportation and energy, while certain industrialized methods and land-use modifications also emit CO2. Currently, carbon dioxide deliberations in the atmosphere have amplified to around 396ppm.
Global warming is also caused by the deforestation according to Helen (2012), it arises in various forms including fires, clear-cutting for agricultural science, ranching and development, unmaintainable logging for lumber and degradation due to climate change which effects people’s livelihoods and looms an extensive range of animal and plant species. It is assessed that more than 1. 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide are out to the atmosphere due to deforestation, largely the burning and cutting of forests, every year. Before trying to resolve global warming, the greatest solution hould be figure out to lessen it. Many things can be done at home, office, and school to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by human beings. Making Small adjustments in activities now can save us from a big change in future. One of the best solutions to fight with this problem is to use less energy, travelling less, using public bus, decreasing air travel, reducing the oil in transport and using more trains. According to Carlson, 2013 Whereas, the second most highlighted problem which needs a solution is deforestation it doesn’t only threaten the climate but also threatens the lives of 1. billion people who rely on food from the forests and economic activity. Forests play a vital role on this planet as they provide us food so still if trees are continuously being cut than this might be able to be as threaten for living things. As R. Orate stated that, the best solution for this problem is to stop cutting trees. There are also few more solutions to deforestation which can decrease global warming such as Wildlife Sanctuaries, Marketable Forest Plantations, and H2O Management.
These results should be taken seriously, and strictly implemented. The supposed solutions can contribute to the existence of each living thing. These can help us as well in protecting our natural resources. This thesis discusses the causes of global warming and also suggests solutions to reduce the impacts of global warming through saving the energy and light. Since the human being is the main contributor he should be at the front position in the procedure of reducing global warming.
The role can be played by preserving the light and energy which can be done by Washing outfits and dish wares only at the time when machine is full, recycling the waste products, turning off the machines at the wall instead of with a remote, using the sun and wind to dry garments, turning off all the power when leaving the house or a room, rather than turning up the heater warm clothes should be used, wearing fewer outfits in hot rather than turning on the air conditioner, eating less meat, and enabling your power management. References: Environment Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect. ” World Almanac 2000.
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