5.04 Sinclair: Snoop for Scoop

Published: 2021-09-28 18:35:04
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5. 04 Sinclair: Snoop for Scoop! Part I: 1. Sinclair “muckrake” for social reform, by uncovering the terrible working conditions people in the meat industries were experiencing. After uncovering these terrible conditions Sinclair then wrote "The Jungle" which made the public aware of the terrible & unsanitary working conditions in the meat industry. Soon after, Americans demanded better regulations for the meat industry. 2.
The Pure Food and Drug Act was established as a direct result of the public outcry from Sinclair novel "The Jungle". 3. As a result of his novel Sinclair wanted to opened the public eyes to the terrible working conditions people were experiencing and how the meat products were being produced. In this he hoped to see changes in meat productions such as healthier productions and working conditions. Sinclair also wanted to help promote socialism. 4.
Majority of the public was mortified that their meat was filled with contaminations & wanted this problem to be fixed immediately. Some on the other hand saw Sinclair's book as an exaggeration of what was really going on. Many people began to stop eating meat. 5. ABC News found that the conditions at Food Lion was mortifing. Food Lion was selling food that was rotten & washed them with bleach to get rid of the ordor. They also found cheese that was being gnawed at by rats. . Food Lion could not prove the findings were false. 7. The basis of Food Lion's lawsuit against ABC-News was that they were charged with fraud ,trespassing, and breach of duty. 8. In the jury's verdict they ruled against ABC News 9. The jurors' rationale for the verdict was that Food Lion Lion food recieved twice the amount as compensation for wages paid to producers because the jurors' believed ABC didn't have to lie to get the information about Food Lion Part II:

I do believe journalists have a duty to be "watchdogs" for the public, but to a certain instinct. I say this because although it is apart of their profession if being a so called "watchdog" for the public means breaking morals & laws then it shouldn't be done. But then again I feel that we have to be our own "watchdogs" inorder to know what's really going on. I'm not sure of the name of the person who post I responded to, but the date of the post I replied to was on Thu Oct 11 09:36:35 2012

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